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Helium balloons delivery in Krakow


  • Are you looking for a perfect gift for your close ones or your lovemate?
  • Want to send a balloon bouquet for a birthday or any other occasion?

This is the right place!
Yes, we will deliver helium balloons in Krakow and surroundings on your behalf.

How to order the balloons? 

  1. Check our proposals from the gallery below the text or check the galleries linked below or give us the idea of what you need

2. Choose the best balloons set and copy it’s name

3. Fill the form on the bottom of the page and remember to past the balloon bouquet name and the delivery details (date, address, a special personal note from You)

4. Wait for the reply with the cost and payment options and delivery details confirmation

5. Make the payment, and that’s ALL

6. We will take care of THE RESTIf you have additional questions, please fill the form below or contact us via Facebook messenger.


Payment methods:
You can pay via Bank transfer (recommended for all orders with a delivery date ahead) or Western Union (recommended for delivery within next 1-2 days) or Credit  Card.

Below the form, you will find some proposals that you can choose from or either you can create your custom bouquet with helium balloons.


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